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Your website is your marketing tool


It’s the era of information, people are going online to find anything and everything. That means that you need to have a plan before getting your website made.

You should ask yourself several questions:

How will you attract visitors?

When you attract them, do you want them to call you, inform themselves about you, purchase your products or maybe something else?

Your website needs to have clear goals that need to be prioritized in order to be for it to be successful.

Formulating the right content


Website content is very important. Usually, people are tasking developers to write content for them, for which they charge a fee.

But the important thing to keep in mind is that the content of your website is the presentation of your business so you should be involved from the day one of its creation.

That doesn’t mean you should do all the writing yourself, there are many specialists who can do that for you, instead, it means that you should be involved in the process itself because no one can relay the message your company wants to relay better than yourself.

One of the major mistakes that you could do is using plagiarized content on your website. Such content is very bad for search (you really WANT for search engines to find you if you want to be successful), as well as subject to copyright infringement.

These are some of the reasons because of which everyone in the IT industry agrees with the saying: Content is king.

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